Monday, October 24, 2011

I Love Being A MOM!!!

I Love Chaycelee so much I can't even explain it! She is my little pal we go everywhere together we love to play go shopping she helps me clean... I don't know what I would do without her! I LOVE YOU CHAYCE!

Fall Festival

Our ward had a Fall Festival and Chili Cook off it was lots of fun and the food was so yummy! Chaycelee had fun playing with her little friend

Caught Red Handed!!!

Chaycelee loves getting into all of my pretties and loves making a huge mess! So I was doing house work and it became really quiet so I decided I better go and look for Chaycelee to see what she was getting into, this is what I found....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

St. George

My Mom Ash and I and all of the kiddos went to St. George for a birthday party for my Grandma Harper we had lots of fun. We rented a van to get there and needless to say it didn't start out smooth. As soon as we got the van it was 6pm we made it 10 min from the aiport to a Jack In The Box to eat and when we got done eating we came out to a completly flat tire! We had to wait about an hour and a half for road side assistance to come change the flat tire then we had to go back to the airport and get a new van, by that time finally all the kids were asleep and we had to try to move all of our stuff over without waking them up. We didn't get on the road until like 10pm and had a 7 hour drive. We finally made it and it was worth the hassel.

Grandpa and Grandma Harper

Everyone who came:)

When I say Chaycelee will eat anything she can get her hands on I really do mean it! I guess the table cloth looked mighty tastey!

A Four Generation Picture

Brixton and Kaysin

Chaycelee and Abry

Berkeley Chaycelee and Maddie getting all dolled up!

Just Another Day!

Ashlie Berkeley and Brixton came over to play with Chaycelee and Buddy we are so lucky they live close and get to play together! Ash and I took a pic and I can't believe how much we look alike we both had our hair in buns (sumo hair as chad calls it)and i think we look like twinners:) Also Buddy wanted to get in on the fun, he thinks he is one of the kiddos!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Chaycelee's 9 month Doctor Appointment

Chaycelee turned 9 months on Sept. 6th I can't believe how the time fly's. She is getting so big and thinks she is all grown up! The doctor said she looks really good and healthy. She is a little low in Iron so she has to take Iron supplements. Things she is doing: sitting, crawling, standing up to things, loves eating, loves playing with Buddy, loves playing with her cousins!(she is OBSESSED with Brixton) She is sleeping through the night goes to bed at 6:30-7 and wakes up at 5 to eat then goes back to bed til 7. She still likes to be wrapped everyone makes fun of me because I double wrap her! Chaycelee's Measurements Weight 17#7oz 22% Height 28 1/4 in. 69% Head Circumference 17in 23%.

Monday, September 5, 2011

San Diego

Over Labor Day Weekend we went to San Diego the McRae family rented a beach house it was tons of fun we had a blast! We played on the beach pretty much all day, walked the board walk, and went body surfing. The water was freezing but once you got in it wasn't too bad you got used to it. Chaycelee hated the sand the first day then the second day she was loving it putting everything she could into her mouth (see weed sand and more sand) I tried to stop her but by after a couple of hours I just gave up and she had a blast! Here are some pictures
This was the first day Chaycelee didn't want to leave the blanket she didn't like the feel of the sand. Teagan and Chaycelee were so cute together they just gave each other kisses was so cute!

This was the second day...can u tell she has been eating sand?!

Hadley was my little babysitter! She was such a good little babysitter:)

Our Little Family

Bubby and the kids!

This picture cracks me up Chad and Josh fell asleep under the canopy on the beach and they were sleeping the exact same way! They look like twinners! Chad is the one on the left.